How to prepare Lionfish?

Here are some Lionfish Recipes to get you started with Lionfish ...

Eating Lionfish Sotuhern Fried Lionfish Nuggets 225x300Eating Lionfish:

Eat the Enemy LIONFISHEat the Enemy:

Lionfish AP MichaelDwayerLionfish from malicious to delicious:

Lionfish recipiesLionfish Recipes:

Food networkLionfish with Mango Sweet Pepper Salsa:

Lionfish Cookbook coverReef Cookbook is the latest weapon in fight against Lionfish invasion:

Lionfish invasive species spear hTop 5 Recipies for Invasive Species:

Lionfish Recipies broiledUNC TV Lionfish Recipes:


How to Prepare Lionfish for Cooking?

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