StopLionfish.Org is one of the projects managed by eConsulting Group, Inc. The main objectives of the web site are to:

  • Raise the public awareness about the threat imposed by lionfish invasion and provide information about the response plan.
  • Actively participate in the effort of reducing the impact of lionfish expansion, until the eco system establishes its balance and regains its strength.

Coral Reef

In the mid 80’s, a lionfish, an invasive species, was introduced to the coral reefs of the Caribbean Sea and the USA Atlantic Ocean’s coast line, including Florida. Since then, the population of the native fish have been declining, while the lionfish population has increased drastically. For many countries in that region, the tourism and reef’s life is the only source of revenue and the lionfish’s impact could be devastating for tourism and fishing industry. By joining our effort to reduce the lionfish population, you are giving chance to local reef’s sea life to survive, allowing businesses in the region to continue with their work and successful operations.

Diver underwater

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